5 golden rules of living in a shared apartement: How to get along with your roommates

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7 Tipps für ein besseres WG-Leben, 5 golden rules of living in a shared apartement

Again no toilet paper and the garbage is piling up? Here are 5 golden rules for living a harmonic life in a shared apartement with your roommates.

1. Communicates and clarifie rules

Communication is a must. Therefore, you should make agreements, address problems and clarify rules, because without communication, conflicts are inevitable. Discuss these rules with new flatmates, ideally already during the roommate casting.

2. Create a cleaning plan

The trash hasn’t been taken out for days and the dishes are piling up. Each shared apartment has a different approach to cleaning, and some people are more bothered by the mess than others. What helps is a clear cleaning plan. Sit down together and see how often which part of the WG should be cleaned. This way, everyone knows their tasks and can’t avoid cleaning. Also agree on possible “punishments” such as cooking or baking if someone does not do their chores.

3. Divide expenses fairly

Those who constantly have to run after their money for rent, cleaning supplies or the crate of beer are often annoyed and soon lack the desire to go shopping together. With a standing order, the rent is paid quickly every month. For occasional purchases is also suitable a household cash.

4. Everyone buys once

Again no toilet paper and garbage bags. Typical for shared apartements. What helps is a shopping list, in which everyone can quickly enter things that are missing. Enter common purchases in a list to share them.

5. tolerance and consideration belong to it

Since you do not live alone, the most important virtues in a shared apartment are tolerance and consideration. In a shared apartment, you have to compromise and be considerate of your roommates. For example, if a roommate is writing an exam the next day, perhaps the party should be moved outside. Therefore, it is always good to keep a shared calendar. To do this, you should be able to address things openly. Otherwise, how should the messy roommate know that the whiskers in the sink are bothering again?

If you take this to heart, you can really enjoy the WG life with all its advantages and have a lot of fun. Very good friendships for life often develop from shared apartments.

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