7 tips for your roommate casting: How to get the the room in the flatshare

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Roommate App, Tips for your roommate casting: How to get the the room in the flatshare

If you are looking for a new flat share, then the roommate casting is part of it in most cases. Because your potential flatmates naturally want to know who they will be living with in the future. But what can you expect at the casting? What questions should you expect? And how should you introduce yourself? We give you 7 tips for roommate casting to improve your chances of getting a room in a shared apartment.

1. First impression

Before the roommate casting, you often have to apply in writing for the flatshare . With a good text, you can give your potential roommate a first impression of you. Are you studying or are you already working? What are your hobbies? Have you ever lived in a shared apartment and how do you imagine living in a shared apartment? The link to the Facebook or Instagram profile is always well received. In addition, it always makes a good impression if you respond to the flat share ad.

2. Be prepared

Read the ad carefully before the casting and note the details. What are the names of the roommates? Which room will be available? And what did you particularly like about the ad? Arriving on time is a must!

3. Be authentic

Don’t dress up for a casting, just put on the clothes that you feel comfortable in. Because your new roommates should get to know you for who you are. You should also report openly and honestly about your interests or idiosyncrasies.

4. Be interested

Be genuinely interested in the flat share, life and your potential roommates. What does the shared apartment expect from you as a new roommate?  Points with interested questions: “Peter, I read you are studying mechanical engineering? What semester are you in and do you enjoy it? This often results in honest conversations that go beyond small talk.

5. No-gos: mistakes you should avoid

Go to the casting alone. Parents or friends can wait in the car when they are driving you, for example. Another person is only distracting you and the mood could be more depressed, especially when the parents are with you. In addition, it appears less independent when you have to be accompanied. Also, avoid false promises that you cannot keep. For example, if you can’t cook well, don’t promise to cook for everyone once a week or anything like that.

6. Draw attention to yourself again

The casting is over and you liked the flat share? Then let your potential roommates know. In the evening after the casting, you can draw attention to yourself again by writing a short email or WhatsApp. Here you can briefly state again why you liked the casting and the flat share. This allows you to stand out again with multiple applicants.

7. Do not take a rejection to serious

Even if you think that the flat share fit perfectly, a rejection can always come. If it doesn’t work out, don’t take the rejection to serious. Often there are many applicants at a casting, so it can of course be the case that another person fits even better. But the right flat share will come:

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