Flatify – The new houshold app to organize chores, expenses, groceries, and appointments

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• Quick overview of cleaning schedule, expenses, shopping list, and calendar
• Available in the Appstore and Playstore

Karlsruhe, 15.03.2021. Sharing a flat with roommates has many benefits, but you also have to adjust to the roommates and their lifestyles. Topics such as cleanliness, debts, shopping, or appointments often dominate everyday life, leading to disputes. The new household app Flatify from AppMates UG, takes care of exactly these problems and provides an overview of chores, expenses, groceries, and appointments so every roommate knows what is going on in the the flatshare. Flatify is suitable for shared flats, families, or couples and is available now in the Appstore and Playstore.

“We have already lived in many shared apartments and the conflicts always arose because of the same issues. With Flatify, we want to offer an app that makes it easy to avoid such conflicts,” explain the founders Emil Tomaszewski and Robert Freudenthal.

Many functions in one app

The cleaning schedule provides a good overview and fair distribution of tasks. In addition, roommates can be reminded if they do not complete their tasks. With the points system, users can see who does the most and the least in the houshold.

With the payment overview, each roommate receives an overview of the expenses incurred in the shared apartment. Each user can divide these fairly among his roommates. If someone does not remember their debts, the notification function will help. Regular payments such as rent, electricity, or other subscriptions can be entered and claimed monthly.

The shopping list provides each roommate with an overview of what is missing in the household. If a roommate has made purchases, he/she can check them off and settle them. With the calendar, every roommate can see which appointments are coming up. There is also the option for roommates to message each other via the group chat.

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Contact for queries
Robert Freudenthal – Managing Director
Emil Tomaszewki – Managing Director


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