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How do I create a cleaning plan?

You want to create a cleaning plan for your flat share or family? To do this, follow these steps:

  1. go to the page “Tasks” and click on the + sign.
  2. now you come to the task creation. Enter the title of the task, notes (if needed) and subtasks that the task contains. For example, in the bathroom service there should be subtasks such as cleaning the sink, cleaning the toilet, mopping the floor and others.
  3. after that you determine the effort for the task. In this way, everyone who completes a task will receive stars, which will be displayed in the ranking.
  4. when you click on the next button, you can choose whether the task should be done daily, weekly, monthly or on demand.
  5. on the next page you can choose your roommates and the order in which you want them to do the task.
  6. at the end you enter when the task should start and you have created your first task.



Before you create all the tasks, if there is time, you should sit down together and discuss the different tasks in the household. Determine which is the smallest task and which is the biggest task, so you can easily estimate how many stars you should get for which task.


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