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What are the benefits of Flatify Plus?

Flatify Plus is a useful extension to the free Flatify app that gives you a better overview of your shared apartment life. You can choose to purchase the Flatify flat-sharing app via an in-app purchase within the app. The payment methods are provided by Google or Apple.

The Flatify Plus chores app offers you great features so that you get an even better overview of the activities in your shared flat. In order to use these features, you have to subscribe to Flatify Plus for a certain period of time. Flatify Plus benefits currently include the following:


Cleaning Schedule History

Want to see all the cleaning activities of your flatmates? With Flatify Plus, that’s no problem. You have access to all past activities of your flatmates and see who did what and when.


Spending History

You have lost track of your expenses in the shared flat? With Flatify Plus all past expenses and payments are shown to you.


Account purchases directly

You have checked off the purchases from the shopping list? Then you can settle these purchases directly to all your flatmates. This way, your expenses will always be fairly distributed.


No advertising

We also have running costs and put a lot of time and energy into the Chores App Flatify. Therefore we have to show you advertising. With Flatify Plus you will no longer see annoying ads.


Improved appointments

You would like to show individual appointments only to a part of your roommates? With Flatify Plus this is no problem. You can also select only single persons in the appointment setting, to whom the appointment will then be shown. You can also create appointments that are only for you.


Photograph receipts

Photograph and save your receipts directly, so everyone has a transparent overview of the expenses.


More shopping lists

Create shopping lists for different activities. This way you keep better track of your purchases


Divide expenses even better

You want to account for expenses, but not every person has spent the same amount? With Flatify Plus, you can allocate the amount spent to each person in each invoice.


Expense Export

You want to save your expenses as PDF? No problem. We will send you a file with all the expenses you had in the shared flat.


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