Flatify: The flatshare app for every houshold

Fair cleaning plan

Share dates in your calendar

Track bills and other shared expenses

Take your grocery list with you wherever you go

Keep up to date in your group chat

Chores and Tasks, Roommate app for every Household

Cleaning plan

Your shared flat is not clean again and the cleaning plan is not followed?

Divide the tasks with your flatmates fairly

Those who clean or complete tasks are rewarded with stars

With the checklist you can clearly define  the cleaning schedule.

Remind your roommates when they don't do their chores

Take over tasks when the roommate does not have time


You don’t have an overview of the finances in your shared flat?

Bill your purchases directly or take a picture of the bill

Pay outstanding payments via PayPal

Remind your roommates about payments

Payment Overview, Roommate app for every Household

Grocery list

Toiletpaper or other things are missing? With your grocery list you can always see what is needed in your shared flat.

Create your grocery list

Crosses purchased items off the list

Purchases bills directly and splits them fairly


Forgotten your roommate’s birthday? 

Share dates with your calendar

With the automatic reminder function you will never miss an appointment again.

Calendar app, Roommate app for every Household


Keep your roommates up to date and write on the group chat.

Exchange ideas about the organization in the household

Find out what tasks have been completed in the last few days

Create surveys

For Roommates

In flatshares you often live together with new people, whom you often do not know yet. The household and the organization plays a big role, so that you get along well. With Flatify you are spared unnecessary stress, because you have all the important things in the household on one app.

For families

It is also important to have a reasonable budget in the family. With the point system you can motivate your children to do more around the house. For this purpose, everyone can see in the calendar which appointments are coming up in the next time.

For couples

As a couple, it is also very important to organize the household together. Who is responsible for which tasks and which purchases are still missing for the next dinner.


Game changer! This app is a chore game changer!! I live with ten people and it’s so hard to coordinate chores so they actually get done this app is amazing! One thing we would really like though is notifications setting options but other then that 10/10!

Great for our shared apartment. Since then we have really everything in view. Cleaning schedule, shopping list, finances and calendar, everything you need for your household!! Thank you!!!

Super App. Easy to use and very clear. Have tested the app now for a month with my Flatmates. We are very happy with it! Absolutely recommend

The household is now perfectly regulated! Very clear app, with all the necessary functions. Keep it up👍

Great app with good overview. We like using the app very much. All functions are clearly designed and the tasks are quick and easy to find.

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