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Set appointments

Manage expenses

Create shopping list

Fair cleaning plan

Group chat

Flatify - Eure WG- und Putzplan-App
Eure WG und Putzplan App

Cleaning plan

The flat-sharing community is not clean again and the cleaning schedule is not followed?

Divide the tasks fairly with your flatmates

Those who clean or complete tasks are rewarded with stars

With the checklist you can clearly define the cleaning schedule

Remind your roommates when they do not do their chores

Take over tasks when the roommate does not have time


You no longer have an overview of the finances in your shared flat?

Bill your purchases directly or take a photo of the bill

Pay outstanding payments via PayPal

Remind your roommates to make payments

Alle Finanzen in einer WG App
Einkaufsliste in der WG App flatify

Shopping list

No toilet paper again? With the shopping list you can see what is missing in the household and what you still need to buy.

Create your shopping list

Crosses purchased things off the list

Settles purchases directly and splits it fairly


Forgotten your flatmate’s birthday?

Put your appointments in the calendar

With the automatic reminder function, you will never miss an appointment again.

Kalender in der WG App flatify


Keep your flatmates informed and write via the group chat.

Exchange ideas about the organisation of the household

Find out what tasks have been completed in the last few days

Create surveys

For Roommates

In shared flats, you often live with new people who you don't know yet. Household chores and organisation play a big role in making sure you get along well. Flatify saves you unnecessary stress because you have all the important household topics in one app.

For families

It is also important to have a sensible budget in the family. With the point system, you can motivate your children to do more around the house. For this purpose, everyone can see in the calendar which appointments are coming up in the near future.

For couples

As a couple, it is also very important to organise the household together. Who is responsible for which tasks and what is still missing for the next dinner.


Wow, ich bin absolut begeistert von dieser App. Endlich herrscht kein Chaos mehr in unserer 5-köpfigen Wg. Sehr empfehlenswert. Es lohnt sich!!

The household is now perfectly regulated! Very clear app, with all the necessary functions. Keep it up👍

We have been using the app for a few days now and so far everything works great 🙂 Cleaning schedule was in quickly and we also entered finances like rent or Netflix. We are currently casting for a flat (via skype) and the calendar is worth it for everyone. We haven't needed the shopping list yet, but we've only been using Flatify for a few days. Advertising is also limited, but I might get the premium version anyway.

Great household app with a good overview. We like using the app very much. All the functions are clearly laid out and the tasks are quick and easy to find.

Super app. Easy to use and very clear. I've been testing the app with my flatmates for a month now. We are very satisfied with it! Absolutely recommend it

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    The flat share app and cleaning schedule app flatify is the perfect solution if you want to keep track of the household in your flat share. Flatify is worthwhile for all households, whether student flat-shares, couples or families. With the cleaning plan, you can keep track of who has to do which tasks and the ranking shows you who does the most in the household in your flat share. If you have expenses in the flat-sharing community, enter them in the expenses so that everything is divided fairly and no one forgets their debts. With the shopping list, you always have an overview of what things are missing in the flat-sharing community. With the calendar, you’ll never miss a flat-sharing evening or the next flat-sharing casting. With flatify, you have all the functions you need in a shared flat app.
    You can find more information about the features in the FAQs.

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